Watch Your Words

Does anyone realize

Repetitions of words

Don’t mean a thing,

Nor does a constant snapping

As attention grabbing,

Or a fake smile

As a natural hairstyle?


If you were named

A teacher you claimed

Then why can’t you preach

What it really means to “teach.”


A friend once told you,

“I’ll never tell,

I promise,”

A tie one can’t undo,

But when that secret

Is broken and breaks your spirit,

Your world is crushed

With dignity at its core,

All that can be returned

Only ends with “Sorry.”


Let’s take a moment

To the place without boundaries,

Where the only thing owned is memories,

Where you can take

Without need to say, “My mistake,”

Hearts can be played,

Beatings cannot be forbade,

Virginity is not a word,

And most of all,

Love means nothing.


But wait that place is real,

As real as the feelings I feel,

I know I am alive,

I am a human being,

Words hurt and they are alive,

So choose wisely before you archive

Untrue things into others’ minds,

Why don’t we trust each other?

Maybe it’s because our words are false,

As false as the smiles we put on,

Or the promises we lied about.


Everyone is different,

We all can see,

But name-calling

Is worse than it should be,

Know that words hurt,

They send people under the dirt,

So just think,

Maybe if the world,

Did more of thinking

Before speaking,

Or learned,

Before they earned

Any type of accolades

For what their words

Had spoken. 

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