Watch for Her

She was throwing roses on the ground

Making not a sound

But it was all we heard

That sadness she could not contain


When he left he left her alone

On this harrowing earth

He was all she had

All she cradled in her hands


This dark demeanor hides something deeper

Sleeping on his grave

Her tears fed the grass

Tracing their love in the sodden dirt


When he left her he left her sobbing

Just like the nightmare

Where she screamed his name

She knew what was coming


And those beautiful moments

They will stay in her memory

Because you touched her

You led her down from the clouds


And Heaven will wait for her

It was you who they wanted

But it is you who will keep her

And she will not forget


We know she will not forget

And I know that you will meet again

Please silence your tears

Please wait for me there


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