Wasted Time, Ha Ha Ha

You were once so sweet and innocent 

like a puppy barely learning to crawl,

but now you've left a sour taste in my mouth

and have left me with feeling like an outsider.

On the contrary I have never changed, 

"stuck in my old, backwards ways".

what happened to being a decent human being?

random acts of kindness have gone


Underneath it all, all the fakeness of people,

men only care about their shoes, hair, and "hoes".

Women only care about their eyebrows, makeup, and "niggas".

All the pain of this "evolution" on society...

these men and women are all parents now,

and they raise their kids to be like them.

Soon our society will consist of 

douchebaggy niggas and

clown-faced hoes. 

neither the schools nor parents can do anything about this.

Too bad I'm one of the few who see this. 

i stand with maybe 2 people who see the world's horrid fate.

Everything we fought for was for naught.

perhaps that nuclear apocalypse wouldn't be so bad after all.

come save us, russia. 

pave the way for the next dominant species

so that they won't turn out like we did. 

Drive away all the unfortunateness of this horrible world.

i only pray the next species doesn't 


into the same pitfall that we did. 

i only hope that they don't waste their


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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