Wasted Away




This spider veins crawl up my arms

Lining the pale skin with blue

My body tinged a sickly yellow

My expiration overdue

The cage around my ribs is cracked

My breathing wracked with sobs

The poison in my blood it spreads

I let it do its job

My bones they stick out so sharply

Like twigs ready to snap

And the tears they flow so freely

Like water from the tap

The space between my thighs is wide

Secret pleasure this brings

My shoulder blades so prominent

As featherless as angels wings

The cold air seeps in through my pores

Makes my hair stand on end

The cold it numbs the pain inside

My one and only friend

I’ve starved myself of all the love

My loved ones have to give

I have yet to find a reason given for me to live

Now as I slowly disappear

My insides now so hollow

Although Ana might just kill me

Please don’t come after me

Don’t follow.

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