A Waste Of Corner Space

Sick of being mistreated

Tired of being used

I wish life were easy

Just as it is for you.


As I crawled my way up

You pushed me behind.

All I needed was a chance,

All I needed was time.


So here I am,

Watching from the side

Looking for a place,

Waiting to subside.


You held your head up high

And slammed the door in my face.

So I guess I’ll just occupy

This lonely corner space.


I’m always being made fun of

I’m even embarrassed to be alive

Just because of the things I say, think or do

Just because I can’t pronounce “woo hoo, woo hoo”.


You can’t accept

Anyone who’s different

Because the defecate

Would impact your vision.


Your life is a fairytale,

Paved in gold,

With fields of flowers

And you never get old.


In one touch of your finger

You turn my world around

The skies get grayer

And everyone hides in town.


You tortured my soul,

Filled my head with silent screams.

I feel like a waste of corner space

And I’m only happy in dreams.


I’m not good enough for you,

Or your friends.

I’m not even good enough for the corner

Without any plans.


I put forth my best

But it’s just not good enough

Now I put this fight to rest

I’ve just given up.


Sick of being mistreated

Tired of being used,

I’ll make my life five times better

And happier than yours.


I wish I hadn’t,

Wasted my time.

Without being like you,

I’ll be better than fine.


No more rejection

No more fears

No more hiding behind

Bloody red tears.



My smile gets

Bigger, brighter

Stronger and lighter.


As I walk down the hallway

Doing a small prance

I come to realize

That everyone is meant to dance.


No need to be accepted

By those who hate,

They’ll be welcomed

By hells burning gate.

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