Was it worth it all?

Sun, 10/14/2018 - 09:01 -- J. Ann

Was it worth it all?

You did everything to reach your goal,

And you lost your mind in the process.

Was it really worth it?

All those years of pain and misery. 

We got what we wanted,

But destroyed each other in the process. 


They say opposites attract. 

But we were too different. 

Two forces of infinite power.  

One the dark,

The other the light. 

We should have been perfect. 

Our collision should have created a universe. 

Instead it destroyed it. 


They said we were soulmates. 

And It also felt like we were,

Atleast in the beginning. 

Everything was perfect. 

The birds, singing our song. 

Our path, covered in rose petals. 


 Sadly nothing ever stays the same. 

A shadow came into our life,

Hovering above our heads.

Turned our hearts cold.

The birds flew away to somewhere warmer. 

The petals started to decay. 

The day became night. 

And when the light was gone,

we showed our true colours. 


It became colder. 

A wall of ice was build between us,

Eminating from our hearts. 

We were so far apart. 

Yet the silver line wouldn’t break. 

You can’t fight fate,

and we never tried. 


We despised each other.

A love sparked by the purest of innocence,

Evolved to hate. 

A love tainted by desires,

Originating from the bottom of the darkest wells.


Was all this really worth it?

We took all the wrong turns.

Moving further and further away from one another. 

When did I let go of your hand?

Or did you let go of mine?

We broke all our promises. 

Our lives was build of lies. 

Was all this pain really worth it?

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My community
Our world


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