Was it the tears or the rain?

Sometimes I wish I was like the storm and the wind,

Never stopping, passing past everything -- once -- and moving on.

Sometimes I wish I was like the snow and the rain,

Falling softly, wildly, blindly, freezing, wetting.


The droplets on my cheeks -- are they my tears or the rain?

The drops drips onto the ground, creating a river--

was it a tidal wave or a great flood

that kept me afloat

then drowned me so deeply.


Was it the tears or the rain?

that made me feel so,

or was it my lack of confidence,

or my weak-will

that made so many despise me,

ignore me, insult me, hurt me, humiliate me, and torture me


Life is tortuous they said

It's torturous I reply

when the rain and tears drops on the ground, freezing me and my spirit...



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