This was a 3 line poem fill in blanks contest

Tue, 10/28/2014 - 05:50 -- frpass


The "wonderful" waterfall "spills" upon the "wet" rocks
"Her" heartbeat is like the "morning dew" in a "shower"
Soulful eyes "glistening" reminded me of the "sea" upon the "rocks"



I entered about 7 contest on allpoetry and won 2 trophy'd so far they have levels and you have to get certain amount of stuff to get to the next level, you needed 8 things to get level 4, and I'm only one away 3 applauded comments...On poetry . com is done by points and badges today I have 17,657 maxxed out critic to 5, and promoter to 5, fan fav 4, Published 3, friend 2, about 1, editor 0, fame 0, master badge 5 Laureate.
And with hello my best piece there is Soulmate with 20 hits a front page and short poems that mean something so on 4 sites! Here I have Active and Verified on my way to super...

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