The Warrior's Victory

Dear Friend,

     We have been through so much. You ask, "How can I keep going? The troubles, the grief, the fear, it has held back so many. What if I am next—just another tragedy?"

     Yes, my friend, the coming tribulations plague the road ahead, but take heart—Victory has arisen from the dead. Many a time, our friends were afraid, stayed where they were, never moved forth through the rough terrain. They scouted the land, dressed like a warrior, yet timid inside. They were faced with many giants. Their response? They trembled as though death looked them straight in the eyes. 

     But then came David, a mighty warrior was he. He bore no armor yet arose as a king. He gained the victory over those dreadful giants. But you see, the giants were defeated by the king that lived inside him.

     The trick was not swords, nor stones, nor strength—it was simply faith.

     You may ask, "Faith? In a God, I cannot see?" Yes—He is the only way to victory.

     He is the courage that scares away the fear; He is the strength that carries you onward; He is the light that guides your path; He is our Father, so who better to ask? Just surrender your heart and you will awaken a mighty warrior inside that will never be shaken.

     So, take heart, dear friend, though our troubles are many. Let peace embrace your heart. His victories are many; His breakthroughs are unending. Just believe: Victory is coming. 



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