Dearest Doubt, 

I hope you are doing well.

I say that only because it is impolite to write a letter without proper introduction.

What I mean to say is this:

You have followed me my entire life,

Shoving me down like a third grade bully.

Just when I think you have finally left,

You come back just like an unwanted suprise party.

You feed off of my failure

And cause me to question if I will ever be of value.

Even when I feel like I have finally succeeded at something,

You make my confidence disappear as if it were a magic trick.

You make me slip and fall like a character on a cartoon show

(the kind where there is a random banana peel on the ground).

When I fail, you tell me I am defined by my mistakes.

You leave me wondering if I should give up right now.

Stop saving for college, stop writing this letter,

And throw everything I've worked for into the trash.

However, it occasionally occurs to me that

Clearly, you have nothing better to do with your time than to torture others.

You are jealous you have not succeeded,

So you try to convince others that they cannot win either.

I want this letter to go out as a formal warning to you, Doubt.

You may constantly pester me like a buzzing fly,

And knock me down once and a while,

But you will never rip my passion and dreams away from me.

I solemnly promise that will defeat you.

I am a warrior.

Prepare to be conquered.



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