Warn Out Shoebox

Warn out shoebox.

You hold my greatest achievements.

My strengths and weaknesses. 

All my favorite memories belong to you.

I see you there becoming dusty, but I know you don't mind.

You want to protect all those memories for me.

So one day, I can show my kids all the joy you hold inside. 

Although you may just look like junk to someone else.

You and I both know, you held my very first pair of official running shoes. 

So please warn out shoebox,

Protect all my race bibs, all my newpaper articles, and all the ribbons I tied in my hair before a race.

Never stop being the box that holds my passion.

Never stop being, my warn out shoebox. 

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This is a poem about a shoebox that holds all my cross country memories through out highschool. 

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