We are warm-blooded 

But some of us grew up cold 

Some of us were taught to keep our mouths closed 

"Speak when spoken to" 


But with a pen 

When you pick a pen 

And push the ink to the paper 

You learn how to speak again 


Where you once felt cold 

A spark flies 

Your heart opens 

Your mind wonders 


The possibilities are limitless 

Where your heart felt neglected 

The pen attempts to heal you 

The rhymes, stanzas, verses, and lines 


An art of your own 

A creation of your mind, body, and soul 

You wake up 

And find comfort in the warmth 


This poem is about: 



This speaks for real strict and harsh disciplinary upbringing. Great if you found release and freedom in poets pen after being hushed. And u do express very awesomely and poetic wow. Kudos.



Pleez comment/ review my newest poem too. I like reading others thoughts and meeting poem pals.


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