Warm Voices (Why I Write)


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I'd give a day to hear the sweet warm voices that speak to me
To soothe my sorrows and fulfill my dreams for eternity
I rue the day they stop speaking to me
For I need them to fulfill my destiny

Those sweet warm voices, This is why I write

To record their sweet songs when my days are bitter
When all hope is lost, they remind me that I am a winner
For there is not a moment of silence, quiet is what i can't bear
It brings me joy and warmth to hear that they are there

My sweet warm voices, This is why I write

When the world brings darkness to shed my light
This pen, my best friend, helps me write
They tell me what to say when I'm speechless
The world tears me down, but they give me a reason

These lovely sweet warm voices, This is why I write

When humanity is lost and only I can save it
I will do so with honor and rise to the occasion
I'll build upon what was lost,no chaos but strength is what we will gain
All thanks to the warm voices for they keep make me sane

My sweet warm voices, They tell me to write

Without them I am nothing but a empty soul
They speak to me, give me passion, make me whole
I am nothing but them in the flesh
I give them my hand, and they do the rest

Why do I write? Well if I told you you would think I'm crazy
For there is nothing in this world that can change thee
They remind me constantly of who I can be
And I always thank them, because they made me.

My soothing warm voices, They are why I write.


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