War rages inside


United States
42° 8' 14.7624" N, 90° 7' 50.808" W

War rages inside, the immune system taken the toll
Fevers hallucinate; burn away the pain but save my soul
Invisible as the women the deadly thing breeds
Stretched through my veins infecting everything, heaven’s door shut.
Every heart beat a reminder of the demon that lives in me.
Perfect ingredients for the recipe, moments of lust, lips stapled shut, a couple dirty needles, no condom for me.
Waste land of her broken lies, memories never fade, but this thing remains the same.
One time the last time, see what she stole from me.
Justice is blind so was I
My war rages inside
Love I was never able to give.
The battle I pray to end
It seems the cure is just outta reach
But so far away
Warning label attached to me
Reads “Stay Away From Me”
Pinch me I must be dreaming
How can this be I am only 16!

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