Your bitch wanna be me 

Your nigga  wanna fuck me 

They love me 

They hate me 

Fuck em 

Everybody wanna fuck me like I got a fuck sign on me  

So I finesse em 

Suck em dry

Do em dirty 

Throw up the set while I rolled his face 

With click dripping down em 

While he eat my pussy 

Texting the gang like 

& yahhhh 

Sex all me 

I got that come up 

Now I’m outta that water 

Drip drip Damond’s ice on my wrist 

Riding around in bendz 

That I got from his mamma 

Yah you play with my heart 

I’m fuck your momama 

& that’s on crip 

I would even cross your own blood out 

Put your head on a platter

Have that ship to your mother 

Put flowers on your grave 

Front roll sit in that mf 

Like yea who laughing now 

Playing with me yea 

Think twice 

This checks not checkers 

I’m stepping on everybody that cross me 

Wished bad on me I’m coming for you 

No more of that soft shit 

Straight want war

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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