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Traditionally war has two sides
Good vs. evil
But have you ever stopped to think
That that might not be true
That there is a hidden side
The one that feeds on the death and destruction
They watch people die but they never lose anything
Like God watching and manipulating but never interfering
People so hungry for raw power
They capitalize on the death of innocent individuals

Now don’t get me wrong
Not all these people are pure evil
They have spouses and children
They are innocents living life
Trying to make a living
But these are the people are at the bottom
They may not even know what is going on
But it’s the people at the top who are evil
The most despicable kind of evil
While the world wishes the war will end
It’s these people who hope it never does



I wrote this poem because my brother is in the military and while he is out fighting to keep us safe there are people who are sitting here making money off of our troops dying over seas.

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