I can’t sleep at night, And my heart burns immensely My heart will put up a fight, But the pain has become too intense. I long for the day when I finally get the chance, To look into your eyes and make my heart believe That I should ask you for one last dance, Before I see if my heart will let me leave. This is the hardest thing I have ever done, Knowing that it could hurt you, And there might not be a happy ending for anyone, But you should know I will love you no matter what I go through. So this was a war that my heart has won, Sadly the rest of me didn’t agree There was nothing I could have done, But now we both can go on living, and know that we are free. This is my final goodbye, And as the final word has been said, I leave with a sigh, Not knowing what could have been.



The lines "So this was a war that my heart has won / Sadly the rest of me didn’t agree" really sum up the feel of this poem, because of the conflict you write about. I liked how these two lines started with the same letter, too, because at first glance, the lines seem similar but in fact, they have completely different meanings.

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