Wants from an Isolated Savage

Me and myself alone

A deserted Island

Stranded like a prisoner

Abandoned like a child

Did God dump me in this sandbox?

Hoping I’d still be here when he came back from work?


There’s a certain quiet that accompanies loneliness

There’s a certain savagery that comes with isolation

By myself, with no one around

No one to watch

No one watching


I ask for humanity

What do I have if not my humanity?


What do I have if alone with my thoughts?

With no one but myself?


One is certain to lose their mind in the depths of their own blackness


I ask



The way one might ask for a flashlight or a knife


One humanity riddled with sanity and drenched in dignity

One humanity dipped in moral


But a different humanity than that of the one that plagues man

A different humanity than what exists today

Uncompromised by societal norms

Simple humanity


Humanity that could’ve saved Lost Boys

Humanity that stops one from a certain sin

Humanity that saves me


A savage.


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world
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