Fri, 09/26/2014 - 13:55 -- cmaireb

I have been here in this life time and time again.

I have been to hell and looked the devil right it the eyes.

There I walk broken and cast aside, I am not okay.  

I walked all seven floors floors slowly, methodical, flesh slowly melting away and my darling I tell you I have never been okay.

As I rose from the underworld of my deisign, I was never the same from the form I had once been.

I was pretty and demure but now I was doomed to walk as nothing greater than a skeleton forever more.

I had become a human it its most basic form, with my sole purpose to lay a path of distruction and ruin.

I was a storm, I was volitile and not okay.

Doomed to wanderlust until one day I met my soul and then, I was, okay.


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