Wandering Bunny

Bunny hops around,

All day and night,

Looking searching,

Yarning for Adventure.


Bunny doesn't know,

Where they belong,

Searching, Yarning,

Wanting so much more.


Bunny goes all around,

To the Beach, Mountains, and Valleys,

What is Bunny Wandering for?


Bunny wanders for Adventure,

Bunny wanders for friends,

Bunny wanders for happiness.


Bunny is wandering,

Wandering for Bunny's place,

Bunny's place among this large world.


Bunny wanders if it's among nature,

Bunny did love to sight see,

But Bunny did not feel at home.


Bunny wandered,

Way up high,

And way down low,

Not achieving his goals.


Then one day,

Bunny was around many creatures,

Creatures big and small,

Many were not like Bunny.


Bunny watched,

Bunny learned,

Bunny played.


Bunny finally felt,


At home,

And had friends.


Now what does Bunny do?

Bunny still wanders,

But now Bunny wanders for,

Adventure with all the creatures he met.

Those creatures who aren't like him.


Bunny loves wandering,

Wandering with his friends.

Wandering with those Bunny feels,

That Bunny fits in,

No longer wandering alone.


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