Wander Tree

She displays a sense of wander while standing tall over her surrounding competiton

Gold and brown surrounds the tree

Across the hill lush, green plants seem to mock them

but they aren't shy about their colors 

Not so much burnt as slightly sunkissed, like freckles on a child's face

Houses so close around 

the tree is pracitally in the backyard

but no one pays attention to her beauty

  this wonderful part of nature

She's in a world where people only see her through a screen while taking a picture

Except for one boy who would come home after school, swing his left leg over the fence, and hop down

   right beside the tree

He would sit on the wooden swing that would hold oh so many memories

So many kids have swung on her branches,

  smiling, laughing, playing

but over the years, the ropes have been getting weak. too weak to hold the boy or the memories

And one day it snaps. the boy and the branch

both on the ground. 

When the boy turns his head upwards, he sees what he has never.

He always thought these leaves were only green, but now he sees an array of colors 

vibrant but quiet

always there but always hidden

And only those who care to look with their own eyes can see, 

even better than photoshop

The little boy's hand reaches up as he allows his hand to glide upon the bulky branches that make her look so strong

But little does anyone know that this tree has been struggling for so long.

  it can't stay strong forever. 

Everytime a gust of wind passes by, it hits as if it was a tornado

  she grasps onto her treasure as if they were her own children.

Everytime one leaf doesn't make it, she just gets weaker. 

Her branches crack as she washes it off and away. 

away from the house

away from the memories

away from the boy who always finds new ways to see

away from the Wander Tree. 

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Our world
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