Existence lies creation
Of the world with extreme variations
My breath is gone away
A kiss that's long to ever stay
My delusion of my farther reach of the cosmos
My invisible form that ever long to show
As energy swerves shared among 
Where is this existing love to belong 
Where is this curse bewildering the wretchedness of their soul 
Disimboweld  and live to view
Reactions occur and tuition ever last
There's no time that can ever go so fast
As flesh grows in and flesh is served 
My vision acute to my eyes
And sure enough I think it's all lies
Energy and reactions of their minds 
Trouble some bitter some  and die
Broken forever  to spirits among
Rectified again and longing ever lasting eternity for what shall lie away beyond the stars
Whatever it is, it seems to illuminate 
It seems to explode 
It seems to implode 
It seems to refurbish
I can not much bear 
Rather find it brightly oblique 
I lie await in the void
Wherever I choose, I choose to embroil
As I crash beneath some distant place
Or sucked in a hole
Can't imagine if I ever withdraw this toll
I'm sure stars awaits 
To my super nova 
And I can resist 
The formidable sound of my confinement
As for they, they live for most where the sun rises up again once more 
For what reason, they are still among the orbit 
For what I perceive, I can't say much



I like this poem.


Thank you so much!!!!! Much appreciated!!

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