A Wallflower's Weapon of Choice

Thu, 01/15/2015 - 12:16 -- KayMC97

In person I am a wallflower 

Introverted, doing my best to go unnoticed

Keeping to myself and a book because that's where I find comfort 

Saving the world, falling in love

One page at a time


But when I'm all alone, save for a paper and a pen

Two of my closest friends

That's when I come alive

All the reading I do has inspired me to create something of my own


Creating the worlds girls like me will want to escape to every chance they get

Creating the characters they'll see themselves in or fall in love with

Creating the same sanctuary built for me by Rick Riordan, Veronica Roth, and J.K. . Rowling


I may be a shrinking violet 

But once my sword is unsheathed there's no stopping me

No stopping me from ruling a kingdom 

No stopping me from slaying a dragon

No stopping me from saving the world 


Even the shyest flowers bloom

And when I'm alone writing in my room

I flourish

This wallflower's got something to say and she's going to say it

No, not just say it- shout it to the world


My imagination is my power

My sword is my weapon

And I plan to use it for good

To help those just like me


So come forward, bow down to the queen


Fear the ideas I'll put into your daughter's head

That she is beautiful

That she can do anything

That she is independent and worthy of the best


Because in this world

Everyone can use a little escape

And I'm opening the portal to the world they need

I'm a creator

I'm an artist

I'm a designer 

I'm... A writer

And that's something to be admired 

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