The Wall of Reality

Thu, 07/11/2013 - 11:24 -- niclog1

I sigh to thee

I cast to thee

The truth of fools gold

None more blind than an open heart

None dare compare

To one of unrooted trust

For longing is 

What longing was 

And what it will always be

A silhouette cast far upon

The wall of reality

And for you 

Oh slave to desire

Immobile in war

But released in cold regret

Return your shining armor

And your untainted bayonet

Wait till you

Recover those lost but never loved

Receive your red badge

You earned when learned the pain

Of the batlle that you fought

Of the battle that you lost

So here I stand

To tell of how

The jester came to be

A ghost who wish to cast

A shadow on reality

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