The Wall

I come from the birds and the bees,

or at least

that's what they once told me


i come from outer space,

i'm an alien

and I'm on a spaceship moving back and forth through time.

sometimes I'm in the future,

sometimes I'm in the present,

and sometimes I like it here in the past,

where no one can disturb me.

I stopped being a DREAMER

and started being a daydreamer.

We’re a strange kind you see,

I'm in the front

with my tios and tias

my cousins, my primos.

You see,

right now we're having a carne asada,

my tio chuy on the grill,

my tio Ceasar playing some oldies.

I come from dopamine prayers,

where vicks 7-up. and some smacks over the head “son la mejor medicina”.

We like to play our music loud

and put tapatio on everything

and we love dancing until 12 in the morning.

We're a vicious kind!


I come from a family,

where my Nana knows more about Caso Cerrado than she does about the headlines.

I come from a family that laughs more at their mistakes

than everyone else's,

where an accent doesn't lie in our last name,

but in our tongues.

We’re a really vicious kind!


My ancestors fought for the two flags I have at my side

and planted the seed that makes up most of america's vegetation.

In the future i hear some things about a wall.

i wonder if it's plastered with insecurities and mental instability,

i wonder if it's the same wall that calls upon ignorance like money does people,

i wonder if it's the same wall that hates “MY”people.



I'm pretty sure we’re a vicious kind

Because i hear the indians had a Wounded Knee  

i heard that there was nothing civil about civil rights

i heard women wore fiery cloaks because they were witches

I heard the colors black and white make a bigger contrast in life than they do in paintings

I heard that the Bay of Pigs was not made up of pigs


so it's fair ,

i'm in the present, and right now i'm at the dinner table,

my parents just got off from work.

We’re using knives!

to cut a steak!


i agree

we’re a vicious kind


we want america

to tear its centuries worth of wall down...

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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