Walking while Black

I learned a long time ago 

That the night only brings fear 

As i walk through the city of New York 

It seems to be that i am the only shadow that is creeping 

That i am the only monster that they see

My dark skin,my tall figure

My black hoodie

What else could they see

Other than a mugger

A rapist 

A killer

My hands dirty before I’ve even done the job

Guilty before I’ve even done the crime 

I am nothing but a criminal 

In their eyes

In their white eyes

On this dark street

They see me

They run and hide 

Like i am something frightening 

I watch as they look back with fear and surprise 

They clench their purses and

They walk with a purpose 


I see a cop car on the corner 

And i don’t know how to feel

My chest feels heavy 

It’s hard to breathe 

I wonder if today will be my last 

Or will they let me walk free

I am unarmed 

No weapon in my possession 

My only weapon being my skin complexion 

In the dark i am no longer 


I am a thug

A hoodlum

I stand here with all these labels

Never been the one to fight

Never been the one to touch a knife 

But i am already the number one suspect 

Not the one that they should protect 

Living in a world where they are always out to get me 

It certainly is hard to feel free


So i guess we all feel fear 

When the sun goes down 

Who knew the color of my skin brought us all danger

They don’t know my past

They don’t know my story 

I am nothing but a stranger 

Being a black man

In a white mans world 

It’s like walking everyday 

With a target on your back 

With a sign that says “i am a criminal”

So yes you may be afraid when i walk on the street 

But i am ten times more afraid than you will ever be








This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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