Walk of life

It hurts every step I take!
In my heart is an endless flowing river of tears!
It rains every time in the inside of me, Flooding the river-always!
I wish I could stay by the sea side; watch the world from afar!
Witness its giant ship of sorrows roll offshore!
May be if I could soar to the far hill top; ran away from the daily traumas of life!
Sadly, I cannot, not even lucky enough to find an escape route.
To the quiet and lonely forests;
I would prefer only told stories about the world-And that’s all.
I wish I could not experience life; Rumors about it would be enough.
Beautiful elements of life never change; only people do!
I have seen the full moon; always the same!
Only revealing different memories of the past!
Neither does the beautiful blue skin of the sea prove its innocence!
Only rotting bones and skulls on its bottom!
Everything, only reminds me of sad memories!
I have seen happy faces but never have I felt happiness!
I always only feel sorrow running down my marrows!
I coked my ears from the cries of the world but it was all in vain!
For there was no way to close my soul from feeling!
It’s my internal ears, so plaque is my destiny!
Copyright waiswa jackson

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