A Walk With Him

Tue, 01/19/2016 - 20:59 -- 5121998

A lone light drips down the pavement, capturing the blood moon.
Footsteps approach knocking against the ground, 
I reach out laughing into the darkness, as I pull away from the deep blue-green.
Jumping into the night, chatter ensues suffocating the silence.
Warmth touches my hand and I hold on tightly,
as winding roads and false dead ends lead us only in circles.
Stars blink in and out, familiar strangers in the patterned sky,
leading us across fields of blindness.
We walk on.

A finger wraps around a wrist twisting, soothing.
As streets flash in the headlights; I run to glimpse a title.
We walk slowly towards the green signs stalling to stare down warped tree trunks,
as our feet approach knocking the ground once more.
My torso twists as I reach higher fighting for the closer inch,
grasping at the one thing the light shadows.
We pause. 

I stand whispering promises, whispering words, whispering feelings,
gripping a fleeting moment tightly.
Then the call, the unfamiliar sounds chiming insistently against my ears; melancholy and rich. 
Footsteps fade into the light as the night seems to close before midnight has awoken. 
I walk steadily, mindlessly following the path, 
leaving the lone light dripping again and thinking of you. 

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