The Walk

You've walked this side before,

And I've seen your time wary face.

Seasons made you older, lines are drawn

That cannot be erased.


I've walked so many miles alongside you,

But your steps are always one stride longer than mine.

When told to try and keep up,

Inevitably, I always fall behind.


Now the road is broken.

Where does your heart lead you?


Winter nights have made you colder,

And even the sun cannot warm your face.

Your days are really numbered,

The truth in that can never be erased.


I've walked so many miles alongside you,

But you are walking on glass and I

Cannot follow you through the aftermath of lost,

Cannot see your journey through to the end.


My feet are embedded with the shards of your sorrow.

Movement for me is impossible, yet

You stumble on in our blood to reach the other side.

What beckons you haunts you.

Your motivation is stealing your life

From me.


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