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And every time you wake up my love

You looked my body next to yours

And you wondered why I loved you

Why I love you

Why I was there

Like you asked yourself

My huge being

Would have to be with someone As you

Not you didn't believe so much bliss maybe

But I love you

Whether or not I chose you

If it was just my soul that saw you

I do not know my love But i love you

I dont want anyone to touch me

My body and much less my soul

So deep only you

I don't know if is love but I love you

Nobody touches my eyes of drought

That void that becomes so many other lives

by reincarnating loving you

I choose them to live in only one in this life that I love you

Never stop touching me my love

As you do Only you

I don't know if is love but I love you

That friction of you Isn't a stupid caress

As the loves that come and go

Your touch is secure is connexion

Between our skins of light

Of the souls of our lights

Of beautiful Universe

of the exist It is Gods love too. ­

-Jonatan Vega

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