Wake up Cinder...

Wed, 08/30/2017 - 01:12 -- Celg

She wakes, startled by a whisper breeze
an awakening breeze.

She remembers her loss,
the abuse that came after.
She bowed her head and 
remained pious and good.

But she isn't sleeping anymore,
she's awake and free.

     I'm not your servant.
     Brush your own hair.
     Fetch your own dress.
     Wake up father.

She takes the gold and silver
that she has rightfully earned
and looks for her friends that have awakened her.

He showed her, her heart.
She showed her, her beauty and courage,
a long dreamy dance.

Now they offers her a choice.
    a golden slipper,
        a perfect fit,
          a choice.

A choice to be free at last
and shape her own life,
        with them.


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