wake up

we live in amerikkka and they say we are free.
but we are secretly being put back into slavery.
they call or men thugs and our women whores
we retaliate but get pushed on the floor.
some call us savages knocking down the door.
because black men being killed?
we wont take it nomore
Louisiana stand up and be the voice of a nation.
Let these cops know that we aint playing.
some say "you bust at us and we bust at you"
put your self in a black mans shoe
where the moment you walk out your door you fear for your life.
And get looked at as if you hold a bloody knife.
we beg and plead for justice and peace
but you never listen you rather paint the street.
with our blood thats is and now the roads glisten
you cops harrass us and then reach for your for your gun.
in the land of the "free" if you see a cop your better run.
yet we keep our faith strong and fight for justice.
because we are strong and cant be destructed.
louisiana stand up and lead the rebelion. keep on screaming and keep on yelling. spread the word and continue to tell them.
we wont back down until brutality is seldom.

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My community
My country
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