Wake Up!

Mon, 02/23/2015 - 00:31 -- Monai

I hear you loud and clear

I feel it coming near me

Those feelings I've been hiding are escaping

Now it's just too real

I'm not quite sure how to deal

The wall is crumbling and the fear is rising

We never ment for it to be this way

& although my hearts begging you to stay

Im darting towards the other way.....

Im sprinting

Faster & faster untill I get to the door

Swung it open & it moved off of the floor

I took one step & the next thing I knew.....

I was falling

Grabbing air, reaching for the top

I pray that I survive this extreamely long drop

Opened my eyes and there you were.....

Just standing

There are no words or sounds to hear

Just feeligns lassoing me in near

I call out your name but you just stand there.....

Not responding

I try to reach out for you

Run to hug you but run righ through

I hear a whisper of "I love you" and then realize.....

I was dreaming


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