Wake Up

Fri, 05/30/2014 - 15:58 -- Dre2013


Dizzy while confused on this planet called Earth.

Born a boy but raised into a man....I have to show my worth. There are so many problems with this twisted up world. I honestly think that this society is curled.

What motivates me is the want... matter of fact the NEED for an education. 

I want to be a success in life, to provide for my family, which is my true Motivation. Because of past acts of segregation, i feel there's a slight pause... You know hesitation. 

There are Scars that have been left and we're the ones to fix them. Its a hard task but with Guidance we can stop procrastination. 

What drives me as a person and a poet, is to speak the truth, and to raise your voice if nessecary.

I NEED EVERBODIES ATTENTION, because the truth can be scary.  

Man it's scary how hard it is trying to make it in this world. Everything is going down the drains, swirled...flipped turned up side down twirled. 

I have to Give thanks, to the one and only God, because I've made it this far. What drives me....????? What drives me.......Well I'm working towards a car. 

I want to be perceived as more than just another. I want to be perceived as a down to earth poet.

The world is a little corrupt, and the news knows to show it. Please society wake up, we've got a lot to make up for.

I want to be the one to do it, to really change the world. Society is contempt with where it's at but I want more. 

Please society please just Wake Up.........


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