Wake Up

Others may just see a girl, beautiful and pure,
But the moments when I look at you, I see so much more.
For instance, I see shining stars dancing in your eyes,
Though if I called them beautiful, they'd simply roll on by.
I see the way your lips curve naturally down,
Your pretty face holding on to an ever-present frown,
Except for when a friend is near, then it goes away,
Then a smile comes along, turning my night to day.
I know that your eyes are small, you worry a bit about it,
So you make them up all pretty, but you're more beautiful without it.
The way that your cheeks dimple, how quickly you can tan,
The things you find annoying are wonderful and grand.

But it's more than just your body that sings with flawed perfection,
It's the things inside your deepest heart that kindled my affection.

I see the way you hold things in, content to let it slide,
And the easy way you comfort me expands my heart inside.
The ways that you are funny make conversing easy,
And your laugh suffices to make me laugh to the point that I am giddy.
The gentleness of your voice as you wake me from a nightmare
Eases fear and pain away, any other couldn't compare.
How you can tell me everything, and how I can talk to you,
Things that I can't say out loud, somehow you hear those, too.
I see your conversations now, drifting back through time,
The way that I have dried your tears the same as you've dried mine.
I see how you can be so strong, covering pain with laughter,
Though you panic at the thought of test questions from an asker.

And sometimes it's the way you act that draws my heart to sing.
The simple ways you make me smile allow it to grow wings.

I still see the way you'd grin at me across a crowded room,
The way you always gave a hug would wipe away my gloom.
How you were just as bad as me, but carried an air of innocence
(Even though sometimes you're worse) makes me laugh as I reminisce.
The way that you death grip my hand if you're afraid at night
Even though you're the one who gets up to turn on the light.
I see the way you're clumsy, you wear heels despite the fact,
Although the last time I was home, it seemed you've grown out of that.
I know that you are always busy, running from A to B,
And even though you don't have much, you still make time for me.
I know that you do love me, probably more than you do yourself,
And I know that I was in love with you before anybody else.

Oh, Hannah, love, you're beautiful, I promise that it's true.
Wake up I've been waiting for you to see you the way I see you.


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