I’m waiting on the right moment to complete my master plan.
Watching the clocks hands keep going in that annoying circle
While it keeps me ticking …
I’m still waiting…

I’m waiting on the world to see what I see
How man kind abused the nation.
Taking man made things to destroy this earth
Watching them take pollution and infect our
Water and air, so it just I to see those green fill
Monster that come out my bath tube and ac vents...
I’m still waiting

I’m waiting for the right someone who will love me.
Love me to the point when he tells me I aggravated him
Cause he love me so much.
Bear hugs me till I can’t breathe
Kisses me till I can’t speak.
Touching me till I can’t move.
I’m still waiting.

I’m waiting for a compassionate love
That ……… speechless type...
The one that leave you dazed
For awhile because you know someone cares.
I’m still waiting.

I’m waiting for a passionate love.
That…..slurps... I’m drooling type love.
The one that make me feel like I just smoked a blunt
And I’m higher than high.
So I’m addicted to them type love
Where I’m a crack addict and he the crack
So I can’t get enough of him
So I will be itching for him.
I’m still waiting

I’m waiting on some one to see me as somebody.
Not a piece of a** or a piece a meat.
Waiting to be notice by my smile
Not by my looks.
Waiting to be listen to
Waiting on the truth

I’m waiting on you
To show me that you really cared
That you love me dearly
That you love my dreams
Adore my goals.
And is ecstatic by my visions
Then you stop pushing me away cause you
Now realize I don’t like to be alone.
And hold me tight...
And never let me go….

I never ask to be like this...
To have a heart that no ones knows
So they really don’t know what I feel

So I’m still waiting till they do


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