Waffle House

Late one night,


During finals week,


Matt decides


To get a bite to eat.


It’s two AM


Only shop in town


That’s open now


Is the local


Waffle House.


So he goes down,


For scrambled eggs


He sits down.


And orders eggs,


His waitress asks


If that’s it,


And he says no,


And orders joe


His waitress sighs,


She’s way too bored


She’s done with life


And brings his food.


Matt takes two bites


And there’s no cheese,


The coffee’s black,


So he adds cream.


The guy next to him,


Is rather high


And falls asleep.


The other girl


Eats more bacon


Like, more bacon


Than anyone


That he knows.


Now he’s done,


And pays his bill


Leaves the joint,


And then goes home.



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