“A time comes when silence is betrayal”When the government's stops telling you what is happening you are doomed to an endless life of misinformation and lies spread thick and thin on propaganda cloaked as movie posters and pop culture.   Because white is always in and black women are endlessly silenced by the makeup producers because they can't seem to get a model who isn't a white women under 25 with blonde hair and blue eyes  I feel powerless because those ignorant fools want to portray my world through satire and “jokes” and say it isn't racist  Because I have to stifle my pain and anger when I hear Stewie say: Native American role models. Zero results found,   Because god I am so lucky I can pass for white because my native roots were hung up high left to rot while white supremacists let bodies drop  Our crimson blood runs so thin I feel sick   Famous politicians so clearly tweaking out but they chose to arrest the kid who had just overdosed because his tolerance for discrimination was torn down  NYPD KKK How many kids did you kill today? Cause there's black kids on the corners just crossing the street but that cop said on national TV “I can't believe he pointed a gun at me!”  Because now the morgues are louder than libraries even though everyone in their is just saying “I Can’t Breathe”   Because there’s little kids that just want more crayons to color their skin tone correctly in portraits  But they're held back because there's no diversity in a 10 pack of “crayola” or should I say “roseart” because those schools don't wanna overpay for imagination   When you find out we the people of the United States doesn't mean we the people it means we the white people of the United States I'm sick of this nativist idea of how the world should be because Donald Trump has no influence on me  Dehumanize them by colonization and deterioration of the forever flowing stream of racism Kept alive by you the police state Screaming your rhetoric Then you slipped the “n” word in there, now you lost your support Good luck America you're foundation of lies has cracked

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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