Vulnerable Warrior


Up before the sun

Giving my all til the day is done,

Put on my ACUs

Lace up my boots
Feet to concrete 
There's not a challenge I can't meet 
I'm hard as a rock 
On and off the clock
Rigid and strong
Constantly moving along
I don't make mistakes 
Thorough I do stumble everyday
I've learned that the world
Will always hit you hard

But it's all about the comeback 

The rise from the fall
Head in the books 
Heart in the gym
Feet on the ground
Always on the grind

But once day turns to night

My armor comes off
It's and entirely new sight
Take off my boots
Shed my ACUs 

Let the scars of unconditional truth 

Be known through my tattoos
It's all rig there
No uniform, no armor,


I don't mind if you oh stare
I'm just as strong completely bare

Just keep in mind

I can't be confined
I'm something wild
A piece of artwork
Not meant to look nice

Simply meant to make you feel something

Look at me, 
tell me what you feel
Because the only thing I feel
Nothing more nothing less.


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