Vulnerable To Be Me

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Vulnerable To Be Me:


I am me,

I am self worth

I am a living being and participant to life and nature,

I am a representation of myself,

I am a representation of what is important to me,

I am an individual,

I am an individual with a purpose,

a purpose too important and complex for anyone to say contrary,

I am valuable and to all things of significance,

I am significant.

I am me, but who is me?

I am beauty, I am wisdom, I am empowerment

I am always me, accept when I am Beyonce.

I am a dancer, expressing emotions in the movements I make to the beat of my own drum, whose beat flows

but never with a consistent repeating sound, for I am eclectic

But I am also ignorant,

for I do not know all,

but I am intelligent and

I am driven to learn.

I am also stubborn, for my value is too worthy to

be questioned but even if it is

I am prepared to defend and fight the tragic battles of proving one is always right, me.

I am an open book vulnerable in my illustrations of self expression,

I am one who will never bite my tongue for my words are sharper than me teeth, too witty and honest, each point I make the closer I am to drawing blood.

I am black but my color does not define me for I define it,

I am colored, for the rainbow that arrays off of me is a sight to see blinded by the intensity of my culture and soul.

I am a woman, embracing my strength and sexuality for its worth,

which is the same as a man’s.

I am equal to all but I am still me,

I differ from the people around me because I am me, like no other,

I am neither superior nor am I lower than the individuals

I surround myself with because we all play on the same playing field,

that is field with an array of different rainbows

and the identities they cary.

but do they identify those identities?

... I do, I am me, I am worthy of the vast sea of self love I swim in as an individual

playing my part & having a purpose in this life

and many lives to come in several seas of self worth.


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