Fri, 04/15/2016 - 13:24 -- Valee

As Apollo's fingertips descend

to touch Gaea's body, I visualize

you. Bruja; Witch. My sister,

my friend, my pet.


At night, her soft caramel

fur would rub against my

skin as her luminous raven,

cinnamon eyes progress to rest.


My eternal love for her

holding me closer to her. I

love her. I love my sister,

my dog. She has brought joy

after jealousy demanded for my first

dog, Maya, to run away.

Her absence invited diseases

to my heart that Bruja cured.


And so, I lay upon

the soft, tiny pebbles that

connect with Poseidon's waves.

Morpheus taking over me

to stop the tears while Selene

takes over what we share,

Uranus' body.


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