I right my ship full steam ahead in the opposite direction the mighty turn made my stomach turn so many years guided by a star whose light only burned bright by the energy  from old souls matriarchal and patriarchal whose galaxies were created far far away whose planets knew nothing but fear death atrocities and hatred the rings of control spun without any gravity to speak of        I looked up at the evening sky feeling the cool breeze pass me by. I can't help but cry as I begin this voyage  this is my ship and I am the captain I have always been in charge yet like a captive with no power I didn't know from hour to hour. The light shines so bright I move forward toward my destination  it's been waiting for me all these years  a place I can call home away from the terror and gravitation pull pulling me and grabbing me my whole life the internal tension could be cut with a knife. Not today  I say  land ahoy just me and my little boy.

This poem is about: 
My family


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