The Voice of a Worried Generation

When you're young and naive
You see all these beautiful things
And you want to believe
That you are beautiful too.

When you are young and kind
You see the lost souls
And can't leave them behind.

When you are young and thriving
You see the elderly and don't realize
One day that will be you
Looking through their eyes.

When you are young and thoughts are light
You don't wonder if you're made wrong
You don't want to fight.

But the young do not stay young
They must age
They turn into people who influence the stage
That makes the world turn in so many ways

When you are older and able to see
You realize that nothing is as it seems
And the thin beauty that you seek
Comes at a price.

When you are older and turn the other cheek
You know you can't help the broken
If your outlook is bleak.

When you are older and feel like you're drowning
You see your face in the mirror
But you must fake a smile if you want to make it in this place.

When you are older and thoughts are gloomy
You feel lost inside
When you should be blooming with the grace of a rose
And you no longer know if you're ready to turn this world into a better one

The biggest fear that we all have is not having enough time. But who cares about time when the young only want to die?

Who cares about the time when the old are not yet ready to go but the young would happily take their place?

What will we do when the time comes for my generation to make the world go around but we don't even have enough love to love ourselves?

Give us a chance to love ourselves again.
We might just surprise you.

This poem is about: 
My country


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