Voice of intuition

Sixth sense,
a magical phenomena,
a super natural phenomena,
a gift bestowed upon some people
by the Supreme Lord.

Each and everyone has got sixth sense;
Only those who are spiritually connected to God,
Experience the direct perception of truth.
Only those who believe in God and follow his footsteps,
Are blessed with this conscious reasoning.

I am a person who always believe in my inner conscience.
I can sense it if something worse is going to happen.

My gut feeling ;
helps me to take accurate and integrative decisions,
helps me to judge a person correctly,
What his inner thoughts are and
What he pretends to be outside.
helps me to handle negative and stressful situations.

Intuition is something;
which connects your conscious mind with your sub- conscious mind.
which connects you with a greater knowledge.
which improves physical, mental and emotional health.


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