The Vivacity of Life

Mon, 08/03/2015 - 16:51 -- Nexus

In a world that is fraught with war and strife,

one needs to sit back, and enjoy their life.

From the little things like hugs and candy,

that cheer you up and make you dandy.

To the bigger things like wealth and power,

that make your bigger, taller then a tower.

Joy can come from big and small,

but at the end of the day, is that all?

No! Joy doesn’t need to be constrained,

it can be seen everywhere, to an eye that’s trained.

Joy can come from the sound of rain,

the smell of cookies, a lush terrain.

The smile of loved-one, close at hand,

a pleasant walk along the sand. 

Skydiving can bring joy to some,

others are low-key, as a rule of thumb.

The vividity of a newborn flower,

washing away dirt with a hot shower.

Being there for the first sign of light,

a long night’s rest on a winter’s night.

Joy and happiness are all around,

don’t let a dark patch get you down.

So as you go and let your life blossom,

look around and remember: Life is Awesome.


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