Vital Organ

I can live without books, 

Although I love to read. 

I can live without glasses, 

Although I love to see. 

I can live without pencils,

Although I love to write.

I can live without wind,

Although I love to fly my kite.


I can live without TV,

Although I love all of my shows.

I can live without fuzzy socks,

Although I love to have warm toes.

If I were asked of what I can't live without,

The answer would be simple.

It's love, no doubt.


For what is a book,

If I don't love to read?

Why bother with glasses,

If I don't love to see?

There's no need for pencils,

If I don't love to write.

Who cares about wind,

If I don't love to fly my kite?


Everyone knows that love comes from the heart,

A vital organ,

A major body part.

If there is no love,

There is no life.

Our hearts pump it all through us, 

All day and all night.












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