The Vital One

Fri, 04/15/2016 - 23:13 -- awsmith

Handheld gadgets

Like phones and tablets

Carbon Dioxide emitting machines

Replacing our natural habits

Fashinable clothes

And governtment bureaus 

False friends, referred to as snakes

Which sliver among grass that needs a mow

These things of no importance

That must be fake-loved, used, worn, or that you must buy

When the sky is one big eye

That sees me when I cry


Living without God, the big eye in the sky

Is who I cannot leave aside

This poem is about: 



The begining of the poem describes my personal vices. However, I can live without those vices. I finish my poem by stating that God is who watches over me and who is always going to be there for me. He is the only one I cannot live without. So if I were stranded on and island by any chance, as long as I have God with me I will be fine. Hope you enjoy! 

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