visual arts

Im infatuated with this life
It brings joy, fear , happiness and pride
mixed as if meant to be a cocktail
To make reality a blur
And fantasy a delight
Im intrigued by the lessons in English class
The quotes that were written decades ago
Yet still manage to impact the soul
Like iced tea on a summers day
This life that
Makes one so important
But blinds all of the clues to our fate
And leaves us barricaded in hope
That we will not become a "lost generation"
The sound of the streets
Or the sounds of in our minds
Where we never know if the bird is chirping
Or the phone is getting a text
I mean seriously
Its like a wonderland
Full of opportunity
But the fear
The inherent fear
Of standing out
Keeps us in chambers
Along with ourselves
Its miraculous isn't it
Even as technology changes
We don't
Love is still lust
Fortune and fame conquer making a change
And bloodshed is still a tool of the human trade
This life that we don't choose
But are rather given
Seems so pointless
But that's how the greatest stories begin
Out of the fucking picture of standard
For a picture that says 1000 words
is also just a work of art
perception .
That's what's so infatuating about this life
no matter how much we try
lifes counterpart lurks
a scary fucker isn't it he
And he makes this life
More valuable than we would ever perceive

This poem is about: 
Our world


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