Police brutality enslaves mentality.

General Election

Trump's salary

Where's the answers?

Living in a country that

promotes war

only to

shy away from poverty

Human interactions have no

sole purpose

Engaged in the same cycle of

routine statements and answers

Holding up time for ransom

Attention blowout

A fuse

Narrow minds limit themselves for

any views

What's the question?

Euphoria a dream of hope?

Should I

conform to lifestyle's

which I

can't even cope?

Far reach my unlimited potentials

Where's my credentials?

Breaking down

doors of success to

Search for more

In reality

I'm not welcome to

Enter the premises.




to know where the

power lies

We the people

For the sake of

One Nation under God

that believes

Discrimination minus

Unification equals


People will manifest their destiny 

to leave behind a legacy

Visionaries never die

This poem is about: 
My country



Abstract Visionary

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