Virtual Reality

Tue, 10/18/2016 - 20:56 -- JJHV36

Sometimes, the real world is cruel... We have our good days; We have our bad days. Sometimes, those bad days inflict scars upon us and we lose a piece of ourselves. When that happens, we need something to relieve ourselves of this bipolar reality. For me, I found comfort in, not just one world, but many worlds! Each world has some similarities to others, But they all have their own personality. When I visit these worlds, I take on a life of another and take on their role in that world. Sometimes, I play a specific role, such as the paragon, the renegade, a destined citizen, a superpowered being, the leader of an organization, Other times, I have to create my role from a blank slate, aka a character with just a background. Whenever I go to these worlds, no matter how old or how new they are, I am always amazed by them and spend countless hours, rescuing victims, and helping the weak,  or just exploring. I make sure that I leave no stone unturned when I look to finish my journey in that world. When the story of the world has been completed, I grow sad yet happy that the journey is finally ending. Sad, at seeing that the fun has ended. But, happy, at seeing all the destinies I have changed in that world. My journey in that world may be over... But, I always remember two things that I can do: 1.) Explore the other worlds whose stories I haven't finished 2.) Restart my journey of previous worlds that I enjoyed It’s an addictive enjoyment to go to these worlds and just play their written stories. Unfortunately, this fun cannot stay forever. It can only exist in a certain period of time. When the time ends, I return to my mortal body, Put down my controller, and turn off my game system. I return home, happy and energized by my journey. Because I always remind myself something whenever I come back from my virtual travels… If I can change the fates of many worlds, What’s stopping me from changing the fate of my own?  

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